Science-backed, Integrative, Connected

Anchored in our mission to enable wellness for all, the Alurx Medical and Expert Council (AMEC) is a unique organization that brings together renowned physicians, academics, wellness professionals and scientific experts. It ensures that our research and development are backed by science, our vetting process is robust and transparent, and our approach to wellness personalized.

  • AMEC integrates scientific data with daily medical practices, conventional medicine with emerging wellness fields, in order to advise and curate the most effective products, rituals and services.
  • AMEC develops and recommends wellness solutions based on the lifestyles and wellness objectives of health-conscious customers. They share their latest insights and medical findings with our community.
  • AMEC members are passionate about research, innovation and education. They contribute independently to our common objective to improve people’s lives through a curated and effective wellness journey. Alurx compensates them for their time with a modest stipend or a contribution to their research projects.

Alurx Medical and Expert Council (AMEC) Charter

  • Review & Guide
    • AMEC supports and validates our standards of manufacturing and quality control.
    • AMEC collaborates with our product development team, labs and manufacturers to design and vet our wellness solutions.
    • AMEC advises on medical research, wellness trends and learnings from their practices.
  • Curate
    • AMEC offers vetted advice that can be trusted and applied to daily wellness practices.
    • AMEC integrates medical research and product development to design customized wellness solutions and rituals.
    • AMEC ensures that science-backed data is pervasive and personalized throughout the wellness journey via our Wellness Navigator.
    • Educate
      • AMEC shares educational content and tutorials with all wellness enthusiasts in our blog library and Wellness Studio.
      • AMEC liaises with industry leaders and academia to gather the latest scientific information.
      • AMEC collaborates with Alurx’ philanthropic and community partners.

    Alurx Medical and Expert Council (AMEC) Members

    • Each AMEC member is selected by Julia Stewart, our founder & CEO, and an independent board of advisors. They are recognized in their field of expertise for their academic contribution, their professional credentials and their personal dedication to customer care.
    • Resident Sleep Expert: Sarah Moe

      • Sarah is a Board Registered Polysomnographic Technologist and the Founder of Sleep Health Specialist, a private practice in Minneapolis that focuses on Sleep Health Education. She services corporate clients and schools to create heathier, happier and more productive teams and individuals. She started her career diagnosing sleep disorders and doing medical research before becoming an Adjunct Professor in the Polysomnography (Sleep Studies) program at Minneapolis College. She leads a monthly live broadcast on WCCO-TV called “Health Watch”, where she discusses current sleep topics like daylight savings time or back-to-school. Her community involvement has earned her various accolades such as Minnesota Business Magazine’s “35 Under 35” 2016, “Most Likely to Succeed- Healthcare Division Finalist” 2017, “Women Who Lead” 2018, the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal’s “Women in Business” 2019, and the Team Women’s “Wave Maker Award-Uncharted Territory Finalist” 2019.

    •  Resident Immunity Expert: Dr. Yu
      • Dr. Yu is an integrative rheumatologist who incorporates complementary medicine with traditional rheumatology. At AMEC, he shares his insights on immunity support and living with chronic illnesses and collaborates with the Alurx teams on product development, from research to education. Dr Yu has a unique perspective on autoimmune disease as he is both a patient and a physician. He was diagnosed with gout at age 17 and with spondyloarthritis while in medical school. The foundation for his practice is to combine allopathic and complementary medicines. He obtained his MD from Chicago Medical School and holds a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration and Biomedical Sciences. He completed his residency and rheumatology fellowship at Loma Linda University in Southern California. He has a double certification in internal medicine and lifestyle medicine and followed courses from the Institute of Functional Medicine. His articles and webinars have been featured in Forbes Magazine, the Lupus Foundation of America and Lupus LA, the Spondyloarthritis Association of America and on In addition to his private practice in Southern California, he has been accepted with a full scholarship to the Andrew Weil Integrative Medicine Fellowship at the University of Arizona.

    Media Inquiries
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