Great coffee, made easy

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Therapeutic grade

Each tablet delivers a potent formula developed by pharmaceutical experts and clinically tested

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Plant-based formula

Boost your immunity with natural herbal extracts like Echinacea, Elderberry and Ginseng, and fruit flavors (Apple or Grape)

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Raving reviews

~ "Packed with vitamins"
~ "Taste delicious and I don't need to take tons of pills"

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Our Mission

We believe in a science-backed, integrative and holistic approach to wellness. We make your wellness journey simple, personalized and reliable. Need better sleep, more radiant skin or a boost of energy? Based on your objectives, we offer solutions tailored to your lifestyle. Our products are plant-based, cruelty free, vetted and guaranteed. Along with free classes, blog articles and educational content vetted by our medical experts, they are available on Alurx.com, a digital hub that's easy to navigate, informative and dedicated to your wellness.

Our Founder and CEO

"I launched Alurx to support everyone in their quest for wellness and offer them all natural, vetted and effective solutions" affirms Julia Stewart. Her journey "from waitress to CEO", earned her a coveted spot on Fortune magazine’s list of Top 50 Most Powerful Women in the U.S. Julia built successful brands in the hospitality business for over 40 years and was the CEO of Dine Brands Inc. She always understood the benefits of maintaining a balance between body, mind, and spirit, and holds this philosophy as the foundation of her endeavor as an entrepreneur and Alurx Founder. Julia Stewart is an active philanthropist, sponsoring organizations such as Lupus LA, Children’s Bureau, and a founding member of Women’s Foodservice Forum.

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Our Community

Our digital hub is a diverse and inclusive meeting place for wellness experts to share advice, products and services with our community. The AMEC physicians are focused on integrative health solutions, including mental, societal and environmental wellness. Our Affiliate program supports fitness, wellness and beauty professionals to build a sustainable revenue stream. Together, we help promote their growing business and partner on creating wellness solutions.

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