Wellness is multi-dimensional, encompassing all aspects of our lives. Our mission to enable wellness for all is anchored in inclusivity, diversity, social and occupational wellness. At Alurx, we thrive on building relationships with our team members, our business partners, and our customers guided by our values of honesty, respect and transparency. Whether you have already adopted a wellness regimen or just curious about improving your wellness, you can join our social network here.

In 2021, we launched Alurx Together, an Affiliate Program aimed at supporting wellness professionals and small businesses. We are also partnering with influencers, indie brand founders, creative consultants and community builders that are enriching our lives thanks to their talents and their outreach.

Our team is focused on enhancing our all-in-one digital hub and growing our burgeoning community. Together, we are stronger.


Alurx Team Members

Virginie Descamps
Chief Marketing Officer

Virginie Descamps, Chief Marketing Officer at Alurx, Inc., is responsible for defining and executing brand design and management, marketing strategy, lead partnerships, retail activation and business development. Virginie brings 25 years of global brand management expertise across 60 different countries, covering product development, supply chain, revenue modeling, business planning, retailing, and distribution. Virginie has worked for influential brands such as Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, The Walt Disney Company, The Estée Lauder Companies, and Perricone MD.

Virginie joined Alurx in 2020 after meeting with the founder, Julia Stewart, and resonating with her values and wellness mission. Virginie follows strict daily wellness practices by making a conscious commitment to a healthy lifestyle with nutrition, physical and mental well-being, and social and environmental awareness. 

Virginie received a B.A. from Hunter College, CUNY, with a double major in Political Science and Spanish Literature. She also earned an interpreting-translating degree from the United Nations and Marymount College. Virginie is an avid world-traveler and has studied 8 languages. Her pastimes include cooking, concert-going, outdoor sports, and watching her favorite science tv shows with her two daughters.

Josh Wadinski
Chief Technology Officer

Josh Wadinski, Chief Technology Officer at Alurx, Inc., is responsible for developing and implementing user-centric technology strategies and solutions that seamlessly integrate marketing and operations with the consumer experience. Josh brings 12 years of Fortune 500 savvy, having helped manage $250M worth of inventory for Target, and building global growth and customer acquisition/retention strategies for Coca-Cola. Josh also facilitated problem solving around policy conversion and applicant candor via various modelling techniques for AXA Insurance Company in New York. Since 2011, Josh has built technology and digital teams that utilize System Dynamics, AI/ML, and other modeling techniques while supervising extensive data and analytics projects. 

Focused since youth on health and well-being, Josh’s professional foray into the wellness space began when he founded Plantioxidants, an award-winning Silicon Valley-based beauty company specializing in organic, sustainable products where he was the CEO. Today, Josh keeps 5, 10, and 15-year wellness goals in alignment with how he approaches his career, physical health, finances, social connections, and personal growth. He is thrilled to be part of the Alurx team, where he gets to marry his commitment to wellness while simultaneously building a company that allows others to access the benefits of clean well-being through tech solutions. 

Josh earned a B.A. from the University of Minnesota with honors, majoring in Political Science with an emphasis on Quantitative Politics, Statistics, and Political Theory. Josh lived and did research in Japan, Sweden, and Turkey, as well as consulting work in a handful of other countries. In addition to being fluent in Japanese, Josh is an avid reader and an ultra-runner with a keen interest in design, well-being, sustainability, and nutrition.

Rachel Clarkson
Executive Assistant/Customer Service Manager

Rachel Clarkson, the Executive Assistant at Alurx, Inc., supports the C-level executives, internal and external colleagues and reports to founder Julia Stewart as her primary aid. She brings 20 years of multi-disciplinary executive assisting experience after serving in the publishing, printing, design, architecture, aerospace, and interior design industries throughout Los Angeles and the San Francisco Area.

Julia Stewart's business savvy, enthusiasm, and vision for Alurx prompted Rachel to join a company dedicated to building something of value with the potential to positively impact others. Wellness for Rachel is about balance and the integration of body, mind, and spirit. She believes you don't necessarily need to run a marathon to make a serious commitment to your health and well-being. Rachel maintains her positive and calm demeanor through daily meditation, Peloton classes, interior design projects, and deep interest in the healing arts.

Rachel earned a B.A. in Speech Communication with a minor in Fine Arts from California State University, Northridge, and a B.A. in Art History from San Francisco State University. She also lived in Florence, Italy, to continue her study of Art History and Italian. Currently, Rachel lives in Glendale, California with her husband, son, and their rambunctious dog Stevie.

Kathryn McAndrews
Marketing Consultant

Kathryn McAndrews, Marketing Consultant at Alurx, Inc., is responsible for managing consumer engagement, SMS, brand activations, and digital marketing. Kathryn brings 12 years of professional experience in the beauty and wellness industry in New York, San Francisco and Sydney, Australia, with brands such as The Estée Lauder Companies, Amorepacific and Perricone MD, but her enthusiasm for both spans her lifetime. Kathryn credits her boundless energy and overall demeanor with her consistent workout routine including boxing and skiing, and her extensive supplement routine, a habit that has greatly benefited from her joining the team at Alurx.

Kathryn joined Alurx in 2021 after learning about the opportunity from Virginie, her mentor,  and meeting with the Founder, Julia Stewart, whose passion and forward thinking inspired her to take the next steps in her own wellness journey both figuratively and professionally.

Kathryn received a B.A. from St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY, with a double major in Global Studies and Fine Arts. She loves skiing, historical fiction, live music, spontaneity, her giant goldendoodle Charley, and her wonderful friends and family around the globe.