Rest, Refuel, and Repeat! Advice for Summer Wellness

Summer means outdoor fun, family gatherings, and vacation. Summer is also an excellent time to catch up on your sleep and relaxation, eat more fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated and take care of your skin by using sunscreen every day. Dr. Micah Yu and Sarah Moe, our AMEC members, share their wellness expertise for summer with our Founder, Julia Stewart.

1. Prioritize, Rest, and Relaxation

Longer days mean more opportunities to reduce stress and increase your physical wellbeing through fitness and social activities. Napping can also play a big part in your daily wellness all year-‘round. Our sleep expert, Sarah Moe, recommends taking a 25-minute nap between the hours of 1 PM and 4 PM, to relax and recharge. A nap is very beneficial in boosting memory, enhancing job performance, elevating mood, and making one feel more alert and less stressed.

Traveling? No problem! Take your nap ritual on the road like Alurx’ Founder Julia Stewart who always packs her most comfortable pajamas, vitamin-enriched Hydrating Wrinkle Cream and Drink Additive for sleep to help manage the effects of sleep disruptions such as jetlag. Julia is a firm believer in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to balance her busy work schedule.

2. Play, Protect, and Hydrate

The benefits of spending time outdoors are undeniable and protecting your skin from the summer sun is essential. Virginie Descamps, Alurx Chief Marketing Officer, recommends using sunscreen that contains zinc as the main active ingredient as these are the safest and most effective. Which sunscreens can we trust? Before buying, review product guides researched by independent panels such as EWG: Virginie also advises applying sunscreen before going outdoors as part of your morning skincare routine, even if you plan for a quick walk outside.

Concerned about the white coating that zinc formulas may leave on your skin? To reduce the appearance of white film, you may consider using a tinted or lightweight formula. With the harsh effects of the summer sun and the increased use of sunscreen try The Alurx Calming Overnight Calming mask which will help soothe your skin with hydrating nutrients essential to your skin recovery from casual sun exposure.

3. Summer Time is for Fruits and Vegetables!

BBQ season isn’t all burgers and hot dogs. A trip to your local farmers’ market will give you a variety of healthy and delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables to choose from. Dr. Yu, a California-based rheumatologist, adopted a predominantly plant-based diet in 2008 after experiencing health issues. Dr. Yu researched the impact of inflammatory foods and the adverse effects on our health and discovered the positive impact a plant-based diet has on our overall wellbeing. The benefit of healthy food choices is well documented and extends to other areas of wellness (1). Start small with Meatless Mondays or Soup & Salad Suppers and feel the difference in your energy levels and sleep quality. Fruits and vegetables also keep us hydrated throughout the day. For our bodies to function optimally we need to stay hydrated by drinking enough liquids throughout the day.  It is recommended that we drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. Get creative in maintaining hydration by adding some flavor such as lemon or lime slices, cucumber, a squeeze orange, or a splash of juice. Julia’s favorite refresher drink to go along with a backyard BBQ is a cold glass of Lemon Ginger Mate Tea.

Grab your water bottle, a piece of fruit, your favorite sunscreen, and get outdoors this summer.

(1) Myles, Ian A. “Fast Food Fever: Reviewing the Impacts of the Western Diet on Immunity.” Nutrition Journal 13 (June 17, 2014): 61.