What are the essential products to keep your skin healthy?

The beauty aisles are crowded, and product claims are confusing. Keeping your skin clean, hydrated and nourished is key to healthy glowing skin. Get started here with those simple steps.


The most important part of the word “cleanser” is “clean”. The job of a cleanser is to cleanse your skin of impurities and wash away dirt, dead cells, or makeup from the day. Cleansers also prepare your skin for a new application of products that help to prevent damage and heal existing damage. Essential morning and night, your cleansing routine helps minimize blemishes and skin dullness”, and exfoliate naturally.


When you’ve finished cleansing your skin, a toner helps to remove any leftover impurities and prepares your skin for hydration. Toners can help to tighten skin and soften, reduce the size of pores, assist with controlling oil production and balance your overall skin PH. Many toners also provide specific benefit such as soothing, refreshing or balancing skin tones. Toners are an essential prepping step in the morning and evening before the application of a serum, moisturizer or sunscreen


Once you’ve cleansed and toned your skin, it becomes a fresh canvas for a serum. Serums are formulated with concentrated ingredients to deeply penetrate and help heal your skin (5). Whether you’re looking to correct uneven skin tone, or rejuvenate your skin with a layer of vitamins, serums deliver powerful benefits thanks to important ingredients like hyaluronic acid (1,2) or vitamin E (4), which help your cells to hold in moisture and repair damages from free radicals.


After delivering the best anti-aging vitamins and nutrients to your skin through a serum, a moisturizer does the important job of sealing in those special ingredients that nourish your skin. Moisturizers also play a critical role in hydrating, softening, and smoothing your skin. 

Overnight gel masks 

If you’re looking to help your skin regenerate while your sleep, an overnight gel mask is the perfect solution to help your skin go through an important natural of healing and repairing itself as you sleep. By using an overnight gel mask, you lock in the benefits of the products while providing calming and rejuvenating benefits. Due to the hydrating benefits of an overnight mask, it’s not necessary to apply one every night. Pamper your skin with a mask once a week or as needed for maximum benefits. 

Collagen peptides and vitamins 

Your skin is your largest organ, hence it is connected to the rest of your body and its health directly depends on your gut health. You may not naturally think of drink mixes, tablets, or supplements when you think about skin care products, but collagen peptides and vitamin supplements are very beneficial for your skin health (3). Collagen plays an important role in protecting your skin from premature aging, keeping it supple and firm and vitamin E (4) is especially essential at keeping your skin hydrated and protecting it from free radicals. You can find collagen peptides in some topical skincare products, or you can find it in a powder to add to a beverage. Similarly, anti-aging vitamins can be found in the form of drink mixes, tablets, capsules  to provide daily nourishment and protection.

Prioritizing your skin health and knowing your skincare goals are essential to selecting the routine that is right for you. High quality formulations and consistency are key to ensure the best results and keep you glowing all year round.


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